Курс каллиграфии плоским пером или перьевой ручкой. Это не только увлекательный творческий процесс, но и способ релаксации, возможность отвлечься от ежедневной рутины. Курс каллиграфии плоским пером или перьевой ручкой. Это не только увлекательный творческий
Gothic calligraphy video course
Start Gothic 2
You will learn how to:
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Compose advanced compositions and stylings
Create and combine different styles
Create unique letterforms
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The second part is a continuation of the first course. In the first part we went over the basics of Gothic writing. Now it's time to find out what you can create knowing the basics. You can find the works and feedback from the students of the first course on the website or on our social media!

We recommend that before you go through
Part 2 that you go through Part 1 first.

About the first part of Start Gothic course
Main sections of the second course:
A fundamental section where we'll break down how to look up examples, changing letters step-by-step, (lowercase and uppercase). How to write words in the same style and form your own.
Words. Write your lettering in a consistent style
Capitals. Searching and creating new options
Lowercase. Changing shapes and details
This is the basis for your own style

Changing shapes
We will learn how to create and apply decorative elements and how to incorporate them into letters and words. We'll cover the basics of color theory and the peculiarities of color in calligraphy. With new tools we will learn cool stylization techniques that will diversify your work.
Stylization techniques. Visual Effects
Color and Effects. Basics and techniques + gradient
Serifs & Flourishes. Style and decorations
Visual effects and color
I will show you the types and rules of composition. We'll learn how to build works with blocks and avoid mistakes. We'll cover three approaches to creating works using different tools. We will bring together all the knowledge from the two courses and you will create complex compositions
Create. 3 different compositions from scratch
Working with blocks. How to create a composition?
Composition. Types and rules
Rules and Creating Works
Working with references
You will learn where to find inspiration for creating your own letterforms.
Decor and numbers
We will break down the structure of each number and learn how to style and change them.
You will learn how to prepare a layout and transfer your work to any product.
Print on clothing
What else is unique:
Get an overall impression of what you will learn on the course!
The second course is the key to the secrets of contemporary Gothic calligraphy. New knowledge and skills erase boundaries and ignite pure creativity.
Knowledge. Improvisation. Freedom.
Assignments are now built into every lesson. For successful completion, you will have the worksheets for each assignment and recommendations for them.

Homework is now included inside the course with practice sheets for each lesson!
These tasks help you consolidate the material in practice and pump up your skills!

We want to show you a few different parts of the course. You can preview how the artist teaches and see first hand the high-quality way of learning.
Watch the sample:
Below you will see a description of the tutorials in each chapter.
Course content:
Part 1. Changing shapes and style basics
Part 2. Visual effects
and decorative elements
Part 3. Composition
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Gothic 2 course
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Gothic + Gothic 2 courses
Start Gothic course
Start Gothic 2 course
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Extended set of practice sheets
60% off till 30.06.2022
Taxes are included
Taxes are included
Taxes are included
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160+ Additional practice sheets for gothic calligraphy
340+ Lettershapes
40+ Words
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